QUESTION: Colorado Springs’ has a relatively small Medical Education presence. Does this need to change and if so, how?

ANSWER: Colorado Springs boasts a community of fit, outdoor enthusiasts and has gained a reputation of hosting a wide range of organizations dedicated to advancing the health care and medical industries. Whether it is helping Olympic athletes become their best right here in Colorado Springs, Olympic City USA or bringing innovative medical technology and equipment to the industry, Colorado Springs is forging ahead in the advancement of health and medical industries.

Opportunities abound for companies looking to expand operations in Colorado Springs and medical education is a key component to continued success. The recent addition of the CU School of Medicine at UCCS will not only likely result in more medical school graduates coming to Colorado Springs, but additional residency opportunities may be available in the future as the industry demands. It is our hope that the CU program will expand over time to support a solid health care industry workforce.

Educational opportunities for nursing careers in Colorado Springs is on par with other communities our size, but with the demand for certified RNs currently hovering at 1,100 available positions in our local job market, indicators point to more room for growth in the medical education industry.

QUESTION: Colorado Springs is filled with and surrounded by natural beauty. What do we need to do as a community to keep our natural resources healthy?

ANSWER: Colorado Springs sets at the base of Pikes Peak- America’s Mountain and is surrounded by natural beauty making it one of America’s most desirable places to live. We have exceptional parks and open spaces that we must continue to nurture and protect. This includes maintaining healthy trees in our parks and on our streets through continued forest restoration and protection from insect infestations and invasive species. As our city grows we must also ensure our plans include adequate open space and that we continue to protect our scenic landscape.

QUESTION: What are the top 2 priorities for encouraging the overall health of Colorado Springs during your term?

ANSWER: Encouraging the expansion and continued excellence of our local health care systems contributes to the overall health of our community. Not only do families need options for quality health care, this industry continues to fuel economic growth and serves to attract and retain a quality workforce. Additionally, discouraging substance abuse and protecting city laws and public policy that supports drug abuse prevention is a key part of addressing the health and safety needs of our community.