This morning the sunrise was beautiful with scattered clouds and a brilliant hue of orange that transitioned to light yellow as it streaked across the sky. Another beautiful sunrise over a beautiful city. Tomorrow the sun will rise again, and again the next day. Day after day it is the same sun, the same atmosphere, the same earth, and the same beautiful city. The fundamentals stay the same but each sunrise is a new design and it’s all there for us to look at, recognize, and appreciate the changes each day brings.

And so it is with people. While the fundamentals of life stay basically the same, change happens all around us and to us. Our choice is whether to actively embrace change and the challenges and progress that change can bring or to try to resist change. But over time, trying to resist change is futile, holds back progress, and can lead to stagnation. The same applies to business. All around us we see once thriving businesses, including those in healthcare, that could not or would not look at the horizon and recognize and adapt to the changes the new day was bringing. As a result, they watched as those that did embrace change took the lead and those that didn’t faded away.

Another fundamental truth in life is that what you focus on will grow. At CDI our focus from the beginning was on providing patient centered care, blending the best of traditional and advanced medical treatments to benefit our patients, and to also benefit our community. That focus has led to rapid growth and a need for a second clinic. As you will read in other pages of this issue, we decided to look at the horizon to see the changes new days were bringing and we designed our new clinic on Lake Plaza Drive from the ground up focusing on patient convenience and comfort and taking advantage of advanced technology for maximum efficiency and long term cost effectiveness. This included the most advanced solar system in town, Geothermal heating and cooling that saves a ton of energy while delivering a consistent temperature year round, live plant walls to filter the air the natural way, and a floorplan to maximize efficiency out of respect for patient’s time. Then we wrapped all this in an architecturally stunning design that Howard Roark would approve of and we now present our new clinic to Colorado Springs as a showcase of what can be done if we can look to the future and be willing to change to meet each day’s new realities.

About the author

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Dr. Reagan Anderson

Dr. Anderson is a Board Certified Dermatologist and Mohs Micrographic Surgeon. He serves as a Clinical Professor of Dermatology and is actively involved in patient and healthcare provider education on dermatology conditions and treatment.

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