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Most likely you have already been exposed to Whole Body Cryo-therapy (WBC) over the past few years. Perhaps a segment on your favorite daily talk-show, a short video clip on YouTube or Facebook, possibly your favorite athlete in a television commercial, or maybe even an episode of a popular prime-time TV show, featuring a very curious looking futuristic capsule, more appropriately known as a Cryo-chamber.

But what exactly is Whole Body Cryo-therapy?

Whole body Cryo-therapy is a process that utilizes a Cryo-sauna or chamber to expose the body to extreme cold for approximately two and a half to three minutes. After approximately 90 seconds of exposure to these temperatures, the sensors of the skin can trigger a very effective therapeutic healing response to the entire body.

Vasoconstriction occurs throughout the body. Which simply means that blood vessels constrict or become narrower and force blood flow to travel away from the surface, and away from your extremities, and into your body’s core, an essential self-defense mechanism that your body needs to ensure that the temperatures of the vital organs do not drop to dangerous levels.

Surprisingly these temperatures are very tolerable inside the Cryo-chamber due to the fact that no moisture is exposed to the body. However, in order to instigate this self-healing mechanism the temperature inside the Cryo-chamber must drop below -170°F and can easily reach -250°F or colder, which simply means this very effective healing process most certainly has not happened to most individuals, without the use of a Cryo-chamber.

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“Nothing has helped more since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia than whole body cryotherapy.”

How does it work?

Now that the blood has traveled to the center or core of the body, it begins to transform and become very rich with oxygen and nutrients. The body may also, at this time, produce many beneficial anti-inflammatory responses including the production of a neurotransmitter and hormone called norepinephrine which can be credited for enhanced mood and alertness, increasing energy, producing key anti-inflammatory properties, effective pain management, and essentially instigating a systematic reversal of inflammation throughout the body, allowing for the immediate healing process to begin.

What are the potential benefits?

The benefits of WBC include:

  • The treatment for chronic inflammation, which assists with pain management, speeds recovery from injury, surgery, as well as pain and soreness from intense exercise.
  • It can be a tremendous aid for weight loss as the body’s metabolic rate can be increased for several hours after one Cryo-session, which can result in an extreme calorie burn.
  • WBC is an extremely effective remedy for sleep disorders. WBC has been linked to the increased production of serotonin which effectively calms the mind, which is essential for deep sleep.
  • Triggering anti-aging processes such as an elevated immune system, increased circulation, restored hair growth, balancing endorphin levels, and increasing collagen levels that can enhance the lift, tightening of pores, appearance of cellulite, and overall youthful appearance of the skin.

Many have asked, “How can Cryo-therapy treat and combat so many different ailments in the body at the same time?”

The answer is that WBC can trigger a self-healing response throughout the body to battle and control inflammation which has been directly or indirectly linked to heart disease, diabetes, lung issues, bone health, anger disorders, cancer, sleep disorders, weight gain, and is often linked to depression. Just to name a few. If inflammation truly is the cause for so many problems, then eliminating or even reducing inflammation can be a solution for many of the same problems.

Remember, while in the Cryo-chamber we are not using extremely cold temperatures to remedy the problem area, or apply cold air directly to the location of the injury or pain itself. We are simply using extreme cold to trigger a self-healing response in the body, and as previously explained, it can be a very effective treatment that can target inflammation systematically.

Can Whole Body Cryo-therapy work for me?

Like so many other treatment modalities available, results can vary from person to person. Without question many are experiencing quite profound results, but can it work for you? As so many others have discovered before you, there is truly only one, two and a half minute, non-invasive, cool, and invigorating way to find out for yourself!

About the author

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James Aust

James Aust is the Owner-Operator of Colorado CryoSpa and is a Certified Cryo-Therapist.

"I have battled acute anxiety and sleep issues since childhood. Immediately after my initial Cryo-sessions, I experienced relief of anxiety and increased energy. I never realized just how beneficial sleeping could change my overall health and my life in general, and now I’m three years free of prescription meds. After having to travel out-of-state for treatment, I made a decision to open a Cryo-Therapy center here in Colorado Springs in September of 2015."

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