Advocates for Fast Colorado Mobility is unique in our approach as we introduced an interdisciplinary, collaborative and participatory approach to developing a Hyperloop in Colorado. We asked ourselves and hundreds of Coloradans, what if we could help design this project in a way that is more human-centered? To design it in a way that will help the communities and not hurt them.

The Hyperloop is all about connection. It is about eliminating borders and going beyond the limitations of time and space. It is meant to empower communities and that’s why we wanted to incorporate these future users.

We used social media and surveys to gather information about how Coloradans might use a Front Range Hyperloop.

Colorado Hyperloop’s Mission

Colorado Hyperloop is thrilled to see the Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo corridor advance to the final stage of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge. Colorado Hyperloop also welcomes and supports Arrivo in their goals in making Colorado a leading pro-mobility technology state.

We remain committed to working with other public, private, professional, university and passionate teams to test the feasibility of a Hyperloop in our great state and ensure that Coloradoans have a voice in the design process. Colorado Hyperloop looks forward to working with Hyperloop One, Arrivo, CDOT, Rocky Mountain Hyperloop, DiggerLoop and others to make Hyperloop a reality in Colorado. Learn more on the frequently asked questions page.

Where will the Colorado Hyperloop route go?

That is a great question! We are not sure. Different groups have different routes. wants to make sure that citizens have a voice in the route location. Technology shapes the cities we live in and we want the infrastructure to be as social as possible. Let us know what you think!

Is Colorado Hyperloop the same as CDOT, AECOM and Hyperloop One?

No, we are not related and are independent of these great organizations. Colorado Hyperloop is a volunteer group that is passionate about hyperloop technology in our great state.


Citizens want a Colorado Hyperloop to have:

  • Convenient downtown to downtown connections.
  • Lower impact on the environment, reduce the smog cloud over the Front Range.
  • Reduce or eliminate traffic congestion and commute time from city to city travel.
  • The need to catalyze and leverage interagency collaboration and information sharing for a most thorough and fruitful public feasibility study.
  • Affordability in Hyperloop development, deployment. Affordability of using Hyperloop. Security of the Hyperloop system to be immune to electric grid malfunctions, cyber attacks and other disasters.
  • Public Hyperloop transport with discount passes for locals.
  • Querying all relevant agencies for prior study of rights-of-way, zoning restriction, etc. that represent opportunity for a Hyperloop in Colorado.
  • Reduce cargo container transport and cargo on I-25.
  • Use local engineering talent and companies.
  • Easy to use mass transit hubs (public) located at the Hyperloop stations, or the ability to bring a car on the Hyperloop.
  • Faster access from Front Range downtown to airports, as well as cross airport connections via Hyperloop.
  • Connection to the other modes of transportation and other cities in other states.