The El Paso County Medical Society (EPCMS) has been in our community for 140 years, though many people are unaware of how we serve the medical profession. We are first and foremost a membership association and up until recently, mainly for physicians.

At EPCMS, we recognize the importance of all individuals in the medical profession. This expands beyond just physicians; it takes the entire care team to be able to provide the best level of care to patients. This is why we have expanded our membership to all levels of the care team, to individuals such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, physical therapists, and so on.

We provide a variety of services and products to our membership to help them in their day to day profession which in turn helps you as patients.

Education and Compliance

A core component of what we do at EPCMS is providing education to individuals of the care team. We employ highly trained individuals to provide educational products and services to our membership through writing compliance plans, training medical staff members, and performing audits of medical offices. Our main goal is to educate and help take these administrative tasks off your plate so that you can focus on other important tasks, like taking care of patients!

We also make it a mission to provide educational opportunities to office managers and administrative staff members on topics such as human resources and billing. We actively seek out highly qualified professionals to provide educational presentations on highly sought after topics.

Networking, Collegiality, and Recognition

One of our main goals at EPCMS is to provide events for physicians and health care professionals to interact with one another. These events are built around providing individuals with a safe place to gather and discuss the roadblocks and challenges working in medicine can provide. It can often be helpful to bounce ideas off of one another or to gain a new perspective on a shared dilemma.

These events are a great opportunity for these individuals to relax and enjoy conversations with peers. Working in health care can be extremely rewarding, being able to heal and make an impact on patient lives, but it also carries the responsibility of holding a person’s life in your hands.


Each year EPCMS distributes a directory to our membership. This is a heavily utilized tool, often on a daily basis. This is a great mechanism for referrals to patients for other specialties or areas of care, which can aid in providing quicker access to care for patients.

Now that we are able to provide membership to all levels of the care team, we are able to include these members in new editions of the directory to come. This will help to further increase referrals and access to care for patients.

How We Help the Community

You may be thinking, “I don’t work in this field, why should I care what services and products the El Paso County Medical Society provides?”

Through the services we are able to offer to our members, we are able to use the information we have to help you as a patient. We frequently get requests from patients to assist in finding a physician or medical provider to access care. We are often able to help patients track down where their medical records are located, especially when a physician retires. We work hard to provide you, as a patient, the peace of mind knowing the offices you receive care from are following standards and regulations put in place to ensure your safety and privacy as a patient.

While the above focuses on three core services, there are other areas in which we are able to help the community: EPCMS is able to assist with credentialing needs; CPR training; and even through community services such as disaster relief. Ultimately, we are here to provide assistance in any way we can to our health care community to ensure our membership is able to continue providing remarkable medicine for remarkable people.

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Jessica Petty - El Paso County Medical Society
Jessica Petty
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Jessica Petty is the Practice Renewal Director at the El Paso County Medical Society, powered by ProPractice, where they provide education, services, and other resources that help physicians focus on patient care instead of paperwork.

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