This quarter, Trail Calls sets sites on Red Rock Canyon Open Space, located between 31st street and the Manitou Springs exit on U.S. 24. This incredible park encompasses 789 acres of trails with varying landscapes and inclines for every fitness level.

You can visit this park every weekend for a year, and experience a different trail or combination of trails each time. And for the extreme seekers, a connecting trail into Section 16.

Part of the canyon was historically used as a landfill from 1970-1986 to build-up elevation for future developments. It was later determined that the land was not suitable for building as the trash had not been compacted. It is hard to imagine a place of such serene beauty as a previous landfill!

You may also notice the aftermath of quarry operations in the sandstone rock formations, which came to a close in the early 1900’s. To date, upkeep of this incredible park is largely through volunteer efforts, including clearing natural debris, trail repairs, building new trails, fixing signage and more.

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Angela Anderson - Certified Personal Trainer
Angela Anderson
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