“Do you know much about stem cells?” she asked. That was the question that changed everything.

”Hello, my name is Dr. Josh McCarthy with Ultimate Medical Center. In November of 2006, I began practice in Colorado Springs. Over the years it’s been my purpose to help people get out of pain and stay out of pain as naturally as possible. On a spring morning in May of 2017, my mission became much larger. This is how that happened.

First, let’s back up a bit. In February of 2016, I was attending a medical conference down in Atlanta. I will always remember this day as it was the first time I really began to think seriously about stem cells. The first morning of the event I was joined at a group breakfast table by a very interesting lady by the name of Dr. Anne. Now you have to understand Dr. Anne; she’s a very petite lady with a deep golden tan and snow-white hair. Dr. A, as everyone called her, shared with me that she was both a board-certified medical doctor and veterinarian. I was impressed. And guess what her favorite hobby was? Racing horses! Who would have guessed!?

Over breakfast, Anne and I discussed many things including our backgrounds, practices and philosophies. About halfway through our meal she kinda smiled, leaned over and asked me if I knew much about stem cells. “I really don’t,” I told her. I had always heard that one day we would have stem cells that would be able to help with all sorts of conditions, but that was about all. Turns out Dr. A knew quite a bit about stem cells and was about to share something with me that would dramatically expand my understanding and approach to patient treatment.

Dr. Anne shared with me that she owned three racehorses. About six months prior, Princess, a snow-white beauty and her most beloved horse, had been kicked in the hip by another horse. The injury was so severe that Princess immediately collapsed to the ground and worse than that, couldn’t get back up. Doctor Anne’s friend and fellow veterinarian used a mobile MRI to diagnose Princess’s condition and discovered that her suspensory ligament was severely torn and only attached to the bone by a tiny thread. Unfortunately, ligaments do not have much of a blood supply and rarely heal once damaged. The doctor had to give Dr. Anne the sad news that Princess would never walk again, much less race. The worst part was that there was only one way to proceed, they would have to put Princess down.

As you could imagine Anne was extremely upset with her horse’s diagnosis and being an animal lover myself, I felt her pain. That night Dr. A began a search desperately looking for anything that could help. After spending countless hours online, she came across a link for an animal stem cell treatment being done by a veterinarian in Lexington, Kentucky. Long story short, she was able to convince the doctor to fly in and give Princess a stem cell treatment. The result? In 60 days, the horse’s ligament regrew 72% and only 30 days later was completely regenerated. Today Princess is not only walking again but Anne is able to go riding with her as if no injury ever happened. Needless to say, I was amazed by this miraculous treatment.

Given all I had discovered about stem cell therapy, in May of 2017, our clinic brought in a specialized medical team to deliver these life-changing treatments. Ultimate Medical Center became one of the first clinics in Colorado to provide regenerative medicine. Today, we utilize the full spectrum of regenerative options, not merely limiting patients to one or two choices.

What do I mean by that? Well, it’s very common to find ‘stem cell’ treatments that offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Some treatments only offer amniotic or umbilical cells which are considered ‘young’ cells. Still other treatments only offer bone marrow or fat-derived cells which are ‘adult’ cells. The truth is that both of these treatments have advantages as well as disadvantages that patients should appreciate.

We have found the best outcomes occur when using all available options, and we are one of the first clinics in the world to offer these treatments together to provide the best patient results. We call it ULTIMATE stem cell therapy.

The bottom line? While most methods limit treatment to a hammer and nail approach, we use the whole stem cell toolbox. At Ultimate Medical Center we focus on educating patients about their regenerative options which empowers them to choose the treatments that suit them best. This allows patients to have the best possible chance to get back to enjoying their lives and living pain-free.

About the author

Dr. Joshua McCarthy - Chiropractor
Joshua McCarthy

Dr. Joshua McCarthy is a Chiropractor and Regenerative Medicine specialist whose mission is to help people get out of, and stay out of, pain and not be encumbered by immobility. Dr. McCarthy has found that rather than using a “one size fits all” approach, the best results come from using the full spectrum of regenerative options, to include all types of stem cells, for the best results for his patients.

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